Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | May 1, 2011

Answer: Fairy-tale moment

“Here,” he said throwing a bandana on my lap. I picked it up, all dark blue with tiny whiter-than-white stars, and waved it in front of me. It smelled like the wash on the line and reminded me of the eternity I’d spent in my own grime. Had been even longer since I cared.

Matt slipped the bandana out of my fingers, rolled it up and tied it around my head to cover my eyes the way Momma and Daddy did with me and Anna and our friends at our birthday parties, just before they spun us in circles and turned us lose, bat in hand. Lizzy and I would make bets about who’d burst the piñata first. God, how I missed Lizzy. Even told Him so, hoping I’d baked the murderer out of me and that my pies did what the loaves and fishes had done and God might have paid attention. And He’d see fit to bring Lizzy and I back together again, somehow. Lizzy kept me company in the darkness.

“Sometimes, the only way to hear what’s on the inside is to make everything else disappear,” Matt said. One boot hit the cement harder than the other on his walk back to the stage.

I played the riff blindfolded. And the earth’s rhythm played with my fingers, and a growing and blooming and withering visited my bones. Part music, part message from beyond and at times I couldn’t tell which was which.

[© Laura Elliott an excerpt from her young adult novel, coming soon]


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