Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 21, 2011

Your Mix

These Are the Days of Our Lives

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What are the stories behind the songs that make up your soundtrack these days?



  1. Wow! Queen! I love them.

    Some of the soundtracks that make up my playlist? Hmmm…coldplay, Maroon 5, Christina Perri, Pink.

    Too many to list. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of depressing love songs because it helps with writing certain scenes in my novel.


    • So do I…as a matter of fact the one song on there that is great for brooding romantic prose is “Who wants to live forever.” That song is freaking amazing.

      I always make playlists for my novels. The playlist for the novel I’m about to publish is made up of a lot of Johnny Cash, a little known band I danced to in Nashville on a road trip [Phil Hummer and the White Falcons] , Elvis, Sheryl Crow, The Allman Bros., mariachi music, Anne Lennox, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, celtic tracks, Buddy Guy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Very diverse and that’s what I like about it. All the songs have a common theme though–how to not become a stranger in your own life.

      Thanks for sharing! Coldplay is amazing. I’ve never heard of Christina Perri *youtubes her now*

      Happy writing! And good luck with your novel. Would love to know more about it:)

  2. Posted on Facebook:

    ‎”If your Readin’ this” by Tim Mcgraw,makes me think of my son. “Beautiful Beautiful” by Francesca Baticelli, my favorite line in the song is “Mercy reaches to save me” So true about Gods’ Love and, “Waka Waka” by Shakira, that song gets me… movin” 🙂 Songs and their lyrics mean ALOT too me, music was a huge comfort and escape for me growing up. I try to be very careful though with what i allow into my ears today. I could go on and on, i love my Nano ipod my son got me for Christmas, great gift. Most of my favorites are on there. Oh, i love the way Miley Cyrus “The Climb” that’s a great cool down song. “Sunshine on my Shoulders”, “Good Riddens” by Greenday, Great, sad songs. I am a tearjerker love ballad girl at heart. Only song i know by JB, “Never Say Never,” love that song, great cardio song plus, my little nephew that lives with us borrows my ipod and sings that song sooo loud, he loves it:) he says,” i want to listen to Justin Beaver aunt Kerri,” how cute is that? i could go on and on, love this question. Oh, another one, “Achey Breaky heart” My son at one yrs old had The Billy Ray mullet and loved to dance everytime this song came on. Gotta go, just realized that song isn’t on my nano:) p.s., I do have an all time favorite. It is called,”the kerri ann song” written by my beloved husband and sang for me at our wedding reception.It is the most lovely song sung by the most lovely man. I can’t put it on my nano though but i ask him to play it for me,i think i especially like to hear it when i have been mean or when i am feeling vulnerable because hearing it reminds me of the good he saw in me when he met me. God uses that beautiful ballad to relay not only Brian’s love for me but His love for me too. After i hear it it makes me wanna be nicer and more loving:)

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