Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 17, 2011

Answer: Biggest Lie

NASA's Hubble Universe in 3-D

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

I never arrive. I  just move. But, sometimes it happens. Ok, this one time it happened. And it wiped out my year. It’s not like I’m sticking my chest out about it since it’s against my code–attachment, not pride. Here’s what happened.

But, before I tell you how it started I have to tell you that everything reminds me of Rebecca. Nothing will ever make me forget, as bad as I want to. She’s the first one I see when I walk into a new school. I always go looking for Rebecca.

Five years on the road with Mom and Dad, chasing work, landed me at Buchannon High School. Fifth school in five years. And the first day of class went worse than all my other first days because I was that kid. The kid that transfers in his Senior year. There’s a special place in Hell for that kid. A disproportionately large amount of hearts break for that kid. The normally happy-go-luckys, couldn’t help themselves saying, must be hard leaving everything you know behind.  They had no idea why it wasn’t, my world so far away from theirs. Galactically far.

The cheerleaders were the first ones to size me up at every school. That’s when I met Lexie. There were six of them. There were always six of them. No one went without the other. Anywhere. Until me.

It was lunch period in the cafeteria. And the six of them had been flipping me stares through my daily read of the Business Section of the New York Times.

“See it really didn’t happen that way,” Lexie said.

“What way?” I asked in a preemptive strike. To take the sting out of  their certain swarm. First contact was also against my code. And that’s when she let me have it.

“What is it about gorgeous guys? Rude.” She said before the huddle took to the labyrinth. Her friends saying things about my nerve and my big idea.

Something about the way she let me have it and the word gorgeous began my year of pissing people off and never flying under the radar again. It was the day that everything changed. Like the day a high school basketball star signs with the NBA. And it all started with the biggest lie.


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