Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | March 11, 2011


Insufficient shear reinforcement let main reba...

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What is your earthquake survival story?



  1. […] Earthquake ( […]

    • Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your article on earthquake preparedness,. I’ve lived in CA for the past 25 years and have lived through a number of earthquakes, the most powerful being the Northridge earthquake in so cal. It was a thrust quake and lasted for a long time. I had a hard time running to get to my children [why is it that CA earthquakes always seem to come in the wee hours] at 4-ish AM I tried to pick my daughter up out of her bed but the bed was bouncing up and down off the floor. It was unreal. Truly, it was hard to keep a good footing. Anyway, we were alright. We took shelter in a stairwell. Our roof was damaged but our house was fine. It was scary. All the neighbors met and decided where we would sleep–the first floor instead of the second–that night as we thought our houses might collapse. Lots of folks pitched tents in the local park.

  2. The easiest way to help japan earthquake and tsunami relief effort.

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