Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Story

Jacques Torres chocolates...mmmm

Image via Wikipedia

What’s your best/worst/funniest Valentine’s Day story?



  1. Here is my worst Valentine’s day… I deserve a sympathy award for what I went through.


    • OMG! That’s freaking crazy. Talk about creepy? I’m really glad that he didn’t end up dead, though. I mean when I read that he was in the hospital…that’s where I thought it was headed. Great post and thanks for sharing!

      My funniest Valentine’s Day is the fact that our Anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t really care about the day, it’s just the date the church had available [it was a Friday the year we got married]. Little did we know that roses are so much more expensive on this day and that everyone in the world gets married and is celebrating this day too, which is kind of cool. Today is our 25th Anniversary. On our first Valentine’s Day we ended up sleeping on the beach in Mexico because we arrived in Ensenada late and the hotel gave our room away. It was a crazy night!!!

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