Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | January 7, 2011

Last perfect stranger

Perfect Stranger (band)

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Who was the last perfect stranger who introduced him or herself to you and where were you?



  1. Hilarious! Recently a large, attractive, black man from Senegal asked me the time on my way home from school one day. We chatted a bit in his broken English. Then he asked me for my phone number saying “I like older women” Funny

    • Lol! Cougar:) Yesterday i was on the Venice Boardwalk. Chillin’ watching the kids skate, muscle beach. I headed over to do a little shopping. A guy with a table full of crazy painted skulls caught my eye [a-la day of the dead skulls]. I spent a really long time trying to figure out which one a I wanted. It was tough. There were so many, maybe forrty, maybe more. Then my new buddy, Oscar, came up and introduced himself. Asked where I was from. He picked one up and said this one is the one. And I held it. I disagreed. But he was into it. So were his friends. I finally found the right skull. I wanted the most Venice one out of the bunch….

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