Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | January 5, 2011

Cracking a Tough Nut

a walnut and a walnut core

Image via Wikipedia

What new way have you found to crack a tough nut?



  1. Yes! I found a very cool tool that looks like a metal guitar pick, here is Espana. It opens walnuts in a snap, by insterting into the butt of the nutt and turning. (ok doesn´t sound so good, but it opens them well without cracking the shell.

    • I love that you found a way to crack it without destroying the shell! I have two cherished ornaments for the Christmas tree that a wonderful lady [I can still see her in my mind–beautiful, long brown hair with a hint of gold, perfectly curled on the ends, big green eyes behind large, friendly glasses and I can still hear her voice.] I worked with at my first job as a waitress at Marshall Field’s made for me. She was the cashier. One is a little mouse lying in half of a walnut shell under a very well stuffed blanket. And the other is a walnut simply painted red with little red beads peppered on the outside of it. Both are hung on strings of gold. I always wondered how my friend got that half walnut shell cracked so perfectly. Now, I know. Love it!!! Bueno:) Tienes una buen dia mi amiga!

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