Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | January 4, 2011


Overheard in the Library - Before

What strange/funny/unusual conversation did you overhear this holiday season?



  1. From Facebook:

    1. My favorite quote from a tearful four year old girl in a ski school group – “I am stuck in the snow and I have to go potty!” Yeah honey, I know just what you mean.

    Here’s what I overheard eating pizza in Lake Tahoe; [said by a guy 30-ish in a southern drawl]:

    2. “I bite everything. Paper, pencils, metal, plastic, I just can’t help it. And the other day? I bit my cousin’s arm.”

    Hmmm. I th…ink this whole vampire thing has gotten way out of hand! [maybe he’s a zombie?] hee-hee

    One more from FB: One guy to another, complaining about Christmas,”I asked for a screamer, even a moaner, but all I got was a sweater!” hehehehe.

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