Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | January 3, 2011

Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? [been off for the holidays, but am back for the New Year. Hope your holidays were happy, healthy and full of adventure and inspiration!]

Me and Candy doing something new



  1. Every day since I have lived in Spain I try at least one new thing. Often it is every hour when I am travelling. This week I am staying with some wonderful new friends, we hosted their son as an exchange student 5 years ago. Beautiful amazing people, who share so much of themselves. The other night I tried tripe without even realizing it, kind of chewy, not so tasty.
    I´ll be posting on my blog again starting this weekend. Much love and light for you and your family this year.

    • What a wonderful way to live! Something new every HOUR. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I’m doing something new today. I’m a tourist in LA. A place where hubby and I lived for 24 years. It’s strange and new and beautiful and very fun. Today I’m in Venice and I’ll walk the boardwalk. I’m seeing friends and seeing things for the first time.

      Tripe, huh? I didn’t have that last night. But I had an amazing Argentinian Taco on the rooftop bar last night:) Fabulous. Love and light to you too, my friend.

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