Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | December 12, 2010

Answer: My lucky number

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I’ll never forget the day I knew I’d always be a nobody [today]. It was in Miss Antonio’s fifth grade class [five minutes ago] and she wants everyone to go around and tell her what their talent is. You know, because she’s busy and she has a talent show to put together. I see her pad of yellow paper. There are two columns–name, talent. Miss Antonio used to be a nun. I always wondered why they kicked her out. It’s weird, she’s old and never married. She is the only person I know that is old and never got married. It makes me wonder what’s wrong with her. When you take too long to answer her questions, Miss Antonio looks over her glasses in a way that makes her eyebrows arch and that makes me think of Ursula in The Little Mermaid. [I swear if Matthew Remis looks over here one more time I’m going to have to tear this sheet out and wad this paper up and put this in my pocket, and if I do that my mom might find it in the laundry. Mom, stop reading. And if I do that it might end up in the grass at recess. Person Who Picked This Up rip this up if you find it, but if I’m dead, can you please get this to my mom? I think you can die of having no talent.]

Oh, ok, where was I. Oh yeah, so I got called on, “Rebecca, talent?” No pressure or anything. And I sat silent. Like more silent than Silent Night. More silent than the people at Webster’s, the people who freaking inventing the word, intended it to be. And I’ve sort have had that silent, just-ignore me vibe ever since.


So today’s the day I reinvent myself. I’m thirteen, a teenager now. My middle-school self had three solid years of untalented, invisibility. The minute I walk through the doors of Wilson High School I’m going to be different because I read all the magazines over the summer and they say it’s common for all the middle school B.S. to stop in high school. Seventeen says, “girl’s especially find high school a time of reinvention.” Except I sort of hate the world reinvention because it makes me think of science and science makes me want to puke and puking makes me think of scary movies and then I feel like Frankenstein and Frankenstein makes me think of Freddy Krueger and Freddy Krueger makes me want to puke. So I take a deep breath not wanting to take my first step through those those high school doors trying not to puke because I decided this summer that my lucky number is thirteen and I’ve never had a lucky number before.


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