Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | October 29, 2010


What’s your favorite/scariest Scarecrow story?



  1. My daughter just told me yesterday that my 17 month old grand daughter Adriana pointed to the scarecrow decorations my daughter put up and said “whats that”? my daughter answered “They are scarecrows” The baby then ran away screaming scary; scary and would not go back into the sun room. When big sis Allyson (15) came home from school Adriana told her ‘scary’ and pointed to the sun room. Allyson said “they are not scary they are just straw men”. Baby went into the sun room and has now been playing with the straw men for nearly 24 hours. Amazing the power of a word.

    • Awwwww. That’s so sweet. I guess that guy did his job, huh? Glad the baby and the scarecrow made such fast friends! Thanks for sharing:)

      I’ve never made a scarecrow and need to! I drove by a vineyard in Yountville and snapped this shot of a chef scarecrow and thought is was the happiest scarecrow I’d ever seen!! So I wanted to share it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. My feet are sore from dancing at a party last night, didn’t get home until the wee hours!

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