Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | September 26, 2010

Answer: One Impossible Thing

Homecoming Queen '62

Image by Krisztina Tordai via Flickr

I love the beginning of the school year. I mean I actually like the homework. I’m weird like that. Because my teachers are actually really creative at the beginning. There’s this eight-week window where everything is new outfits and great assignments and possibilities. I wish I could make it into a perfume, call it Nerd or something.

So when Mr. Norton, the last English teacher I’ll ever have in high school, gave us the assignment-dare to believe one impossible thing-I practically skipped home. I’m weird like that. I mean what a great assignment, right. Wide open. Just like the beginning of school.

But then I put pen to paper. I’m weird like that. And the magic of the beginning was over. Because I had done the sad math. I had exactly two hundred days left to have my first date ever. I couldn’t leave high school dateless. That would be impossible.


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