Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | September 21, 2010

The Dentist

The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Dentist

Image by illuminaut via Flickr

What’s one of the most vivid childhood memories you have about a visit to the dentist?



  1. my first cavity….i cried when the doctor told me.

    • Awwww. I remember:) You were so cute and so sad all at the same time!!!!

  2. My Facebook responses:

    Ours was nice enough but he had such BAD breath! Then there was the orthodontist in Hinsdale who had the new, younger doctor join his practice. I remember being there getting my braces tightened when the song “Afternoon Delight” came on the radio and the young doctor was just appalled by the song. Still makes me laugh – he was actually offended by the implied content of the song and NOT because the song was just really cheesy!

    Fran, the hygienist. She had the most amazing eyes.

    Maureen & John…I think I see a pattern here. Afternoon Delight, huh? Damn you. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Hilarious!!!

    My response:
    Damn where were all the hot dentists with gorgeous eyes when I was little. All I got was Dr. Kilpecky. And w…hile he had the most AMAZING toy box, sadly he wasn’t a very good dentist. Had to have ALL my cavities re-filled. It was beyond bad…especially at 7.

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