Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | September 16, 2010


Kindergarten in Frankfurt

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What do you remember most about Kindergarten?



  1. Here’s the responses left on Facebook:

    I can remember the kindergarten classroom at Butler very clearly, and our teacher, Mrs. Turek too – and of course that cute boy John Cox who sat on the carpet square next to me:-)

    ♥ How cute! I KNOW:) I loved Mrs. Turek. She was the perfect Kindergarten teacher. So sweet. I remember the monkey bars! And my nap rug. I don’t remember who I sat next to, but odds are it was either Cindy Grubart and/or Don Hanke. *hugs*

    Organized napping!

    I attended afternoon kindergarten in Des Moines, Iowa. I walked to school each day with a classmate. I vividly remember a cold winter day. It was snowing with several inches of snow already accumulated on the ground. The two of us spent s…o much time playing, throwing snowballs, catching snowflakes on our tongues and stopping along the way to make snow angels that we were very, very late arriving to school. We were sternly reprimanded by our teacher. And even though I didn’t speak my thoughts I clearly recall thinking to myself (at the tender age of five) that the fun of dawdling and being silly in the snow heavily outweighed the consequences of not following the rules. 🙂 So worth it.

    Great story, Jori! I have a very vivid memory of snow as a kindergartner living in Iceland: Wading through snow up to my waist to get to school and being cold, wet and late!
    My main Kinder memories revolve around daydreaming *a lot* and bei…ng my best friend Jeanine’s side-kick and getting in “trouble” *a lot.* Poor teacher couldn’t control us…lol.

    The teacher asked mom to bring more puzzles after Xmas break since I had done all the ones she had. Still have a framed painting I did on the wall.

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