Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | August 22, 2010

Answer: Took my breath away

So it was after football practice Saturday afternoon. I was just hanging with the other guys in the hot tub at the club when Derek walks over with a couple of his friends and we were all like, what up? And they’re like what up? And it doesn’t take Derek’s friend Pablo two seconds before he’s talking about the party that night and he’s all, “You should invite Sonya.” And I’m quiet. Like deep-space quiet. And Derek’s all, “If you want this whole relationship thing, you’ll have to step it up.” He’s smiling and laughing.

I squeezed the Nerf football I had in my grip underwater like it was Derek’s head and threw it at him. The guys cracked up. Not two minutes later when Derek and Pablo moved on to teasing Will about his passing game, Sonya walks up the path to the pool and onto the deck. Walks right up to the hot tub wearing a see-through white baby doll t-shirt that says Beautiful and Dirty Rich over a green bikini.

“Hey Sonya,” Derek says.

And I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe because I’d had a crush on Sonya since the second grade-when she sat in the seat in front of me-and this was the summer that everything changed.


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