Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | July 18, 2010

Answer: Annoying [flash fiction]

I have this annoying habit. It’s something I prayed wouldn’t follow me from middle school to high school. From high school to college. But, it did, and, ya know what? No matter what I’ve tried, nothing’s changed. See, I have this annoying habit of seeing myself clearly. Knew right where I stood in the strata of the high school social, make that unsocial, scene. I stood in between Jacob and The Invisible Man. Between the Pope and fire-breathing nerds. But there was one place I wasn’t ever between anyone. I was always the smartest guy in the room. And you think that would help me figure a way out of my mess, but it really didn’t. See when everyone else decides your place in this world it doesn’t really matter how many poems you can deconstruct or differential equations you can solve or how well-read you are or how quickly you can identify the chambers of the heart crushed by that one girl who you thought would never talk to you or even how many dead languages you know. It doesn’t matter. Until college.

That first day of college I will never forget. Walking down the quad in the heat and humidity and feeling absolutely free. Free to be anybody I wanted to be. Because nobody knew me. Nobody knew who I was supposed to be. There were 36,000 + strangers who didn’t care. So I left that never-invited-to-a-high-school party, not-good-enough-to-be-seen-with, whats-your-name-anyway, forgettable-me behind in locker number 1936 on the second floor of Wilson Academy and never looked back.

Until day two, when I walked into the 400-seat auditorium for my Civil Engineering class, when I saw, her.


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