Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | June 13, 2010

Answer: Snail Mail [Fact or Fiction]

I don’t DO snail mail, but I pass notes in class and the last note I wrote before Summer Vacation changed my life. I had scribbled the usual. Same B.S. to Jody about the same lame things that always bug me about high school and then my Daily Six. It’s what we do everyday, she has her six I have mine. I can’t really remember what was up with the number six. But that’s what it’s always been and that’s what we always do.

Everyday Jody and I rate the top six guys we’d do it with if we ever had a chance, that is if they ever knew we existed. You know, the guys we’ll never do it with. Okay, so we don’t write down names or anything. Just initials and a number. The number of BJs we’d give them looking like that. Five was the most any guy ever got. We knew each other’s Sixes by heart and they hadn’t changed in years until Billy showed up on our high school steps in April and by May he’d bumped Derek Eddy off my list. Even though Derek was beyond gorgeous and had a summer house on the lake and consistently rated a 4, there was something about Billy. Something about hot, new guys that made a girl like me think about him day and night. Nights especially.

So when I filled in Billy’s name in the spot that used to read D. E. and gave him a 5 and folded it up and slid the note across the floor to Jody in English that B*tch Nicole booted it in Billy’s direction and Billy bent down and picked it up. He read the “To” and eyed Jody and even the new guy, Number 5, knew I was her best friend because the next thing he did was stare me down with his laser green eyes and he looked so amazing I had to look away. And since he connected the dots between me and Jody, he knew we were best friends which meant that I was more on his radar than any other boy who’d ever been on my Six before. And I wanted to throw up. Because I wrote his WHOLE name and because none of my other Sixes ever looked at me before. He put the note in his pocket and I silently screamed inside for the whole rest of class. Nicole had the biggest grin on her face and went up to him right when the bell rang. And instead of getting into the drama with Nicole, Billy walked over to Jody and handed her the note all the while keeping his eye on me. I grabbed the note out of Jody’s hand ready to scratch Billy’s name out with my big black pen but I just couldn’t. Of all the boys I’d ever known, who made my Six or not, no boy had ever looked at me like Billy had.


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