Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | June 3, 2010


What rude thing did someone say to you that made you fantasize over the perfect reply?



  1. My daughter’s mother in law called to tell me she wanted to have a baby shower for my daughter. I and her sisters had the first 2 baby showers. We arrived at her house for the shower(which was actually just supposed to be a get small get together). Small it was; I had been asked to bring 3 different salads decorations and drinks and chips and dips. She was to supply the sandwiches and fixings. She did not even vacuum her rug and and in the middle of the party handed me a bill for 1/2 the sandwiches. Being the classy person I am and not wanting to embarrass my daughter I just paid her. I wanted to punch her; but I am not a violent person…

    • What??? That is rude and sounds strange. Did she give any reason for handing you the bill? If she was suffering from some serious financial hardship and wanted to do what she could for your daughter she prolly should have asked if you’d like to co-host it with her–AHEAD of time. What a lucky daughter to have so many people care about her and her baby and so score so big with three showers. Congrats Grandma!

  2. The woman actually has money. More then I could ever dream of. She is just very strange.
    Baby was born June 1; 7 weeks early but 5lbs 11 oz and perfectly healthy. The witch commented on why so many of OUR family members went to the hospital to see my daughter and the baby. Like I said she is strange!

    • Bizarre. What an odd comment to make.

      So happy to hear that you have a beautiful healthy grandbaby! Hope your daughter is doing well too:)

  3. She is doing well; sore from c-section but she says the third one was the easiest. We are all excited the baby got to come home with Mom; that did not happen the last two times.
    Now why on earth would this woman think I would not be there as my daughter went through major surgery? My daughter says she is very jealous of me because the little ones love me and really do not like her. I think that is a shame. She should be nicer to them..let them put M & M’s in their cheerio’s; jeeze big deal..

    • Glad to hear your daughter and the baby are doing so well! No idea what’s going on there. Sounds like you are handling it all very well.

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