Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | May 23, 2010

Answer: Growing Up [Fact or Fiction?]

I remember when I was nine. I didn’t want to be ten. Ten was old. There would be two numbers in my age and that seemed grown up to me. I didn’t want to grow up. Then I remember turning 16. I’d be grown up then. I’d be driving and that meant freedom. Then I remember wanting to be 21. I’d be grown up then. 21 meant that I could go to Rush Street with my friends and celebrate and turn cartwheels on the dance floor. I remember when I got married. That was the most grown up thing I’d ever done. But I didn’t feel grown up, I felt like a princess in a fairy tale. Life had this shiny glow. Then I had two beautiful babies. These amazing wonderful girls. There were so many things I still didn’t know about the world I was trying to teach them about. So many things we’d discover together. I felt more like a child then ever. Now I’m past all the ages that I’d ever thought I’d ever feel grown up. I guess I used to think that growing up meant having all the answers. About most everything including about myself. But now I know that being a grown up means having the curiosity of a child and asking the questions you don’t have the answers to.


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