Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 19, 2010


What stories do you have about being stranded while traveling?



  1. well, this one time…i was trying to get to CA for xmas and new years. Then it snowed a couple cm in florence….the first time in 7 years. So, Italy/Florence as it is decided to close the airport.

    After waiting and nudging my way to the front of the line (Italy: line=large unorganized cluster of people), I got me and my ‘travel family’ (a group of 4 other stranded american students) reservations on a bus to rome. From there we had reserved tickets to Frankfurt, then nothing confirmed to the US till Monday (mind you, this occured on Saturday morning)

    In Frankfurt, me and my travel family waited in 6 hour lines to try to reserve something before monday. I was one of the few to succeed. I was booked on a flight to Calgary (my first time to Canada), then a flight to San Francisco, after a 9 hour lay over.

    So, I stayed one night in Frankfurt, courtesy of Lufthansa with one member of my travel family…i think his name was brian or bryce or something. Next day, I went to Canada and finally made it home to Big Sur.

    All in all i think it was a good trip.

    • WOW. That was HARSH. And way to bond with other stranded family members. Strength in numbers=SO TRUE. That was a wild ride! Now here’s hoping this volcano doesn’t get into the act for the return home! Volcano? Really?

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