Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 17, 2010


What was the last natural disaster to hit your home and what damage did it cause?



  1. me…i’m a tornado, and it causes constant damage….more than once a day. it begins when i wake up, and ends when i go to sleep. sometime damage occurs while i am unconscious, but that is minimal. Strangely, this damage only occurs in my room. Sometimes the kitchen. You have witnessed this damage. All we can do is hope the storm passes some day…it wants to. it really does. i just don’t have any shelves or drawers or ANYTHING. Alas, the storm continues…

    • LOL! Ah, yes, but you ARE a lovable tornado. But I think you might want to open your mind to considering yourself a hurricane, because that way you can give yourself a name. Hurricane MX? Very cool. And maybe, one day you’ll tame a bit and become a tropical storm? I like you better wild. Let’s go get some drawers and stuff:)

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