Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 15, 2010


What was the last klutzy thing you did in public and how did it make you feel?



  1. I have no doubt this was not the last klutzy thing I’ve done as I’m pretty much a goofball all of the time and quite enjoy it. But this is the very first (and maybe the most) klutzy thing I thought of. (People who know me will know doubt have other suggestions.)

    Hubby and I were on our way home from a ski trip. It was just the two of us and we traveled a lot back then. We always had the same routine when we arrived at an airport. I would wait for the bags to come off the luggage carousel, and he’d fetch the car.

    I thought I was pretty tough back then, too. Strong, indpendent (roar). So it didn’t matter if we had two sets of golf clubs or two sets of skis. I’d get all the bags and hang whatever they were over my shoulders and prove how powerful I was by getting them to the curb on my own. (Wow! Strong and sexy!)

    This trip was no exception. I retrieved our bags including ski boots and skis – one pair of which were Volants which ride like Cadillacs on the snow and are about as heavy. Just as I emerged from the aiport the laces on one of the high-topped boots I was wearing looped in the hooks of the other boot. I didn’t know what happened. All I was aware of was the sidewalk rapidly approaching my face.

    Down I went, kit and kaboodle, with no way to stop, reverse, compensate, or correct. Right on the Arrivals sidewalk of Sea-Tac airport.

    Welcome home.

    Plenty of witnesses. No injuries. Hubby missed the whole thing. (Still thinks I’m strong and sexy!)

    • WOW. You rock. Skis AND boots AND luggage? He’s one lucky guy:) And you are one hot, strong female. You make me proud. I am equally klutzy and find that I EVEN DREAM about it 🙂 Loved your set up of the story too. And, of course, the more public the better, right? Too bad they didn’t give beads for Klutziness in Camp Fire Girls! [I wonder what color the Klutz bead would be?] No harm, no foul. Glad you didn’t scrape your face on the concrete!

  2. I curse cobble stone streets. Yeah, they look great but f*ck! horrible when trying to walk gracefully. I’ve seen so many other people stumble on them at this point, it’s almost like walking normally. ahahahha

    • Hahahahaha. I can see it now. OW! Ah, the curse of living in Old World Europe:) Time to come home to Cali! And those evil cobbles are SO hard on pretty shoes too…

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