Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 12, 2010


What has surprised you recently?



  1. how other people act sometimes….without thinking of who it effects.

    also, how people make a decision of a person’s character, without knowing them.

    • Those aren’t good kinds of surprises, huh? But I know just what you are talking about. But, I know a good surprise that you had…a JOB OFFER:) Woohoo! Well done you:)

      • haha….yea, but that was almost TOO EASY of a response ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. The daffodils in Yorkshire. I asked my sister in law about them and she said that planting daffodils seems to be one of the ways of doing community service for young offenders in the UK. Sadly the bulbs are mainly imported and the wild daffodils are endangered. She also said that the late spring means everything has happened at once and the country is blooming.

    • Now, THERE’S a sight to see, my friend! Wow. I can just see the craggy hillsides now–all dotted in yellow! How breathtaking:) I love that young offenders plant daffodils. The poppies this year are amazing. I even saw a young couple at the side of the road with their camera on its tri-pod aimed at them swimming in a field of poppies at the side of the road. How cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. YYEEESSSSHHH! Yesterday Joe had the BAD kind of surprise. A computer malfunction. Total computer death. Had to by a new one and, yannow, GULP, get all the info outta that dead sucker. Oh well. Happens. Just things are so incredibly busy.

    Which reminds me about what my sis and bro talked about when we were in Chicago surprising my other Bro for his 50th. Birthday boy was so not into being surprised. And we were like, it’s the GOOD kind of a surprise, as opposed to the BAD kind of surprise…what is, what’s the word for it? DISASTER?

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