Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 10, 2010

Moving Day

What do you remember about the day you moved from one home to another?



  1. getting the traditional McD’s breakfast really early in the morning, then going to school, and coming home to a different house 🙂 I remember the house being so bright and nice when i came home, and my bed was already set up so I put my things down and just laid there for a couple of minutes, ignoring boxes 🙂

    • Aww, yes! MacD’s! And that’s still our tradition. Even when we moved out of the last house, we got MacD’s for Derek and Barry too, cause they helped us move our big stuff into the U-haul:) There’s nothing quite like leaving from an old house in the morning and coming home to a new house in the afternoon? Aye? Oh, I’m so glad you have special memories of that move:) Must less traumatic than our move out of Echo Park, huh? *hugs* Thanks for sharing!

  2. My little boy, 3, was so discombobulated at his unfamiliar surroundings he was biting his bottom lip to stop the welling tears. So, middle of the night, I went back to our old house and peeled all the Pooh Bears, Tiggers, Piglets, and Eeyors off the walls in his old room, scuttled back to the new house and pasted them on the walls around my sleeping boy….

    • Awwww…S at 3? He must have been SO adorable. I read your post and MELTED. How sweet. You are SUCH a great mom, D. And I double-love the middle of the night part. Sticking Pooh Bears and Tiggers to the wall. You’re the best. I wonder if S remembers?? They grow up SO fast!!!

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