Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 7, 2010

Grandma’s House

What is/was your favorite thing or favorite room at your Grandma’s house?



  1. Sheesh. What wasn’t there to like?

    The front door had sleigh bells hanging from a nail that tinkled every time the door was opened. But no one ever came through the front door so the sound was rare, but precious. I have those bells on my door today.

    The living room is where we always gathered for Christmas or a game of charades. My freshman year in college I had the bright idea of making red sweatshirts with animal names spelled out in green for everyone as Christmas presents. If you lined everyone up in the correct order, it read “Wee Fish – Ewe – A Mare – Egrets – Moose – Panda – Hippo – Gnu – Deer – Ant – Men – Emu.” (Get it?)

    I inherited all the furniture from this room and used it until it fell apart.

    The dining room is where the entire family gathered one year to record our Christmas message on audio cassette. Somehow it became an elaborate affair, with a script, sound effects, and commercials.

    The kitchen had a stool with fold out steps, a bread box, and a bottom slide freezer you could open by stepping on a pedal – all of which I thought was cool. It also was home to an endless supply of wicked thick coffee for which my grandmother became famous within the family.

    The family room is where the turn table was and also a built-in bookshelf. I listened to Bill Crosby on the turn table – all the classic stuff over and over. I inherited the book, “Roots,” from the bookshelf. I read this book to my kids when they were old enough for “chapter books.”

    There were two easy chairs in this room, that rocked and reclined. I inherited these too and later passed them on to my kids along with so many other things I learned from my grandparents

    Upstairs was my Uncle’s bunkbed my brother and I shared and my Aunt’s doll collection I wasn’t allowed to play with (but secretly did).

    Riding on my grandpa’s knee or riding in my grandma’s Karmann Ghia. Sheesh. What wasn’t there to like?

    • I love your Grandma and I’m jealous of her Karman Ghia! Always wanted one of those:) [fire engine red in case the universe is listening] And love, the painted sweatshirts, and yeah, I’ll never be able to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas without thinking of you and your red and green sweatshirts.

      What a treasure trove of memories. Thanks for sharing. My Grandma’s house was on Salt Creek and I loved that she lived on the water. My cousins and I would meet there every year in the fall to rake leaves and jump in the piles. Grandpa would burn the big piles of leaves we’d raked down by the creek too. The memory of the way those bon fires smelled makes me feel all cozy inside. Grandma and Grandpa lived in the forest. And to this day, I think that forests are magical, because at the end of a very long driveway in the forest was Grandma’s house.

  2. I can practically smell the leaves burning. Good memory….

  3. Thanks. There’s something about the smell of leave burning, its sweet and smokey and there’s bitter but right-on flavor to it. Almost indescribable! Ah….memories!

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