Posted by: Laura A. H. Elliott | April 3, 2010

Your Sixteen-Year-Old Self

If you could go back in time, what do you wish you could tell your sixteen-year-old self?



  1. That guy is an ass….and you’re gonna meet the most amazing person when you get your first job that will change your life and you’ll learn what a cool person you are and how much to life there is. Don’t worry, chill out…..and lose some weight.

    I would either tell myself that, or I wouldn’t say anything….b/c i wouldn’t want to change anything that happened or else I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    • Good point. Now there’s an idea. Taking a pass! Kind of like sticking to the “Prime Directive” in Star Trek. Not that I would know anything as GEEKY as that! Here’s to our sixteen-year-old selves and how fabulous they were, warts and all:)

  2. I’d say, “You don’t know everything. Be open to other people’s ideas.” But then I would have just gotten mad at myself for telling me that 🙂

    • Great to know what you would have said! And, yeah, I think that prolly would have mad ya mad too:) *hugs*

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